R.L. from Midford TX – Five Stars

My very first purchase of Nicel face products was from Big Lots in 2000, and I loved it. I went back a purchased all that was available on the shelf. Their products, however, are hard to find in dept stores, and I have found that buying direct is convenient and a considerable savings. Since then I have tried many of the Nicel products, and none of them have disappointed me. I am 70 years old, and I have received many compliments on my skin. Nicel products are a well-kept secret!

B.S. from Lakewood CA – Five Stars

I recently purchased the Shave In The Shower Gel. What a fine product! I’ve now used several times and am very satisfied with the quality shave I get. No nicks, or irritation. The blade really glides over my face. Please count me as a very satisfied customer. I’ll definitely purchase again and consider other products you offer.